Adriana Ascencion Cisneros


Santa Rosa Junior College Nursing Program, 2025

Mills College, B.A., 2019
Major: Public Health & Health Equity

The biggest impact I have accomplished within my community and work is being able to work as a nursing assistant. While a large number of people were unable to go to work during the horrid pandemic, I was fortunate to be able to continue helping all our clients, making sure they were cared for physically and emotionally during this time of fear. I have learned how the smallest gestures can make a large impact in someones life. I have been so grateful helping those in need and look forward to continuing to do so as I advance onto my RN license. As for my family, I have always been their advocate in whichever they need, medical, legal, and financial. As a first generation and bilingual college graduate, I take pride in being able to help my family with the education and opportunities I have gained. 10,000 Degrees has helped me jumpstart my educational experience, independence, and overall success as an adult. Being exposed to the educational opportunities I can achieve as early as a sophomore in high school by 10,000 Degrees, has helped me continue striving for my goals and has given me the confidence to become a successful individual.

Currently: Certified Nursing Assistant, Petaluma Post Acute Rehab Facility and with a Private patient