Genesis Vasquez


California State University East Bay, M.A., 2022
Major: Counseling, Marriage & Family Therapy

San Francisco State University, B.A., 2020
Major: Psychology

As a college graduate, I have made a significant impact within my community by becoming part of the 5.5% of Latin Spanish-speaking therapists in the U.S. I work with Latino families who have recently immigrated to this country and are dealing with traumatic life experiences. These issues often prevent them from living what is typically considered a “normal life.” When I work with these children, I see my younger self — vulnerable, filled with pain and insecurities. I strive to be the supportive adult I needed when I was their age. 10,000 Degrees has been instrumental in my journey, providing me with the counseling, financial, and academic support I needed to fulfill my dream of becoming a therapist.

Currently: Child and Family Therapist, Homeless Children’s Network