Celina Del Toro Moreno


Sonoma State University, B.S., 2019
Major: Nursing

College of Marin, A.S., 2018
Major: Nursing

I have made an impact in the community I work in and also at home. I provide care for a low income/underinsured population in Sonoma County where I get to educate my patients on a variety of health topics. My current position is in Women’s Health; my main role is in prenatal care in which I get to help patients manage their gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, provide post-partum care and triage concerns during the pregnancy. I give prenatal classes on labor and delivery, breastfeeding and infant CPR and choking. I also am a lactation specialist so I help mothers with breastfeeding issues. I am a resource for my patients so they can feel more supported and educated in their pregnancies and hope to continue doing so. At home I have shown my younger siblings the way for a college education by going through the college process and can also act as a resource for them.

10,000 Degrees has helped make college seem more accessible and not as scary to navigate. It provided me with the information needed to apply to college, to be able to manage my courses in order to graduate on time and apply to the nursing program but also become a part of a community of other students that have a similar background.

Currently: Registered Nurse, Petaluma Health Center