Tate Barend


University of San Francisco, M.A., 2026
Major: International & Development Economics

University of California, Berkeley, B.A., 2020
Major: Political Science

Santa Rosa Junior College, A.A., 2017
Major: Political Science

My experience as a dyslexic motivated me to establish the Lift Off Scholarship in 2015 to empower students with learning disabilities who plan to attend college. High School students with learning disabilities often face many educational challenges to graduate, let alone pursue higher education. In order to expand the impact of the Lift Off Scholarship. I turned to 10,000 Degrees who’s college success coaching program will allow the Scholarship to provide more than financial support to the recipient’s college journey. I am looking forward to the ongoing role that 10,000 Degrees will play in my life as we continue our efforts to empower students and effect positive change within our community.

Currently: Program Associate, Hewlett Foundation